KACHEN Magazine

Luxembourg's leading Food & Lifestyle quarterly was founded by Bibi Wintersdorf in 2014. Initially published in German, it soon added English and French editions to serve the diverse local audience. Celebrating Luxembourg's culinary and lifestyle culture, the magazine has become widely popular, extending its reach to Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the United States.



The online extension of the magazine is a vibrant portal for food and lifestyle enthusiasts. Updated daily, it offers a wealth of content including contemporary articles, chef features, restaurant reviews, culinary awards, and a diverse array of recipes. Accessible in German, French, and English, the site reflects KACHEN's commitment to linguistic inclusivity and serves as a daily source of inspiration
and culinary exploration.


REESEN Magazine

A luxury travel magazine, captivates with global adventures and culture.
Published three times in 2023 and moving to quarterly in 2024, it's available in German and French, with English editions soon. The magazine highlights top destinations for Luxembourgers, focusing on gastronomy, art and culture, tailored to reader interests.



The REESEN website, enriched with stunning photos, perfectly complements
our magazine by providing frequent updates in both German and French.
It offers a diverse array of travel stories, practical tips, and comprehensive guides. Immerse yourself in a world of travel and inspiration, conveniently accessible
in your preferred language. With its captivating imagery and insightful content,
it is an ideal portal for your next adventure.


Weekly Newsletter

 Originally conceived as a way to keep readers up-to-date on the latest from KACHEN Magazine, our newsletter has evolved over time into a true beacon of information that embraces all the activities of Luxe Taste & Style. Every Thursday, it becomes a must-attend appointment for our online community, providing exclusive updates on REESEN, TastyBox, our club, events, and much more.



A quarterly culinary adventure. Each season, a box packed with up to 10 premium, locally-sourced gourmet and lifestyle items arrives at your door, promising a blend of taste and elegance. Every TastyBox contains a multi-language booklet, enriching your experience with product backgrounds and creative usage tips. An exploration of flavors and styles, celebrating the beauty of the seasons.