Terms & Conditions

Our shop offers our products (magazines, subscriptions, collectors bundle) to final consumers (sales B2C).

Our sales conditions are:

1. Prices are presented in the product pages. Shipping, TVA and other taxes are added during checkout.
2. We operate from Luxembourg and, as far as possible, deliver everywhere in the world, subject to customs regulation.
Shipping costs, depending on the product and delivery address, are computed during checkout.
3. If your order is for a gift, please mark it and add the address for the recipient.
4. Payment can be made on line, multiple options offered at checkout.

In addition to our products, we propose products from our business partners, transferring you to the partner's external website, where different terms and conditions can apply:
please check the Terms and Condition of the final seller.

For any comment and consideration, you can contact our email [email protected].

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