Fermentation Workshop with MicroJungle

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Learn everything you need to know about Fermentation with our specialists : MicroJungle!

What is Fermentation ?

An ancient technique of preserving food, fermentation is still used today to produce foods like wine, cheese, sauerkraut, yoghurt, and kombucha. Fermentation is a process through which microorganisms like yeast and bacteria convert carbs – such as starch and sugar – into alcohol or acids. The alcohol or acids act as natural preservative and give fermented foods a distinct zest and tartness. 

Fermentation also promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria, known as probiotics. Regularly consuming foods rich in probiotics has been shown to improve immune function as well as digestive and heart health.


Who is MicroJungle ?

Stefania and Björn from Microjungle will lead you through a discovery of the fermentation process. Indeed, fermentation is a process which is influenced by multiple factors. 

The idea of Microjungle is simple – to standardize the world of bacteria and modernize the traditional fermentation methods by putting together practice and research. 



  • Fermented Vegetables

  • Crepes

This workshop is totally FREE, join us know.


Please bring your own fermentation Jars (Weck Jars would be best).

Date & Time
Wednesday November 27, 2019
18:00 20:00 (Europe/Luxembourg)

Luxe Taste and Style

11 um Lënster Bierg
L-6125 Junglinster
+352 28 99 01 11
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